As a new mom I felt like there was so much to research and learn about in so little time. I mean I was going to be making decisions for another little person! So I started my extensive research journey.

While every mom is always learning and adapting to their changing child I wanted to offer guidance and become a resource for other new mommas out there who sometimes just feel like they have no idea what they are doing (believe me we’ve all been there).

After having my first child it shocked me how much NO ONE told me about not only the pregnancy journey, but more importantly, labor, postpartum and how to care for a brand new infant while still keeping your sanity. Every “first” then came with its own list of new questions and concerns (that mommy intuition).

There is no such thing as a “perfect mom,” but with a little more knowledge and a lot of love any mom can achieve perfect imperfection. I hope you find these posts insightful and helpful in your Mommy journey!

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